Dakhil Routine 2021 PDF

Dakhil examination routine has been published by Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board. Dakhil means SSC equivalent examination in the education system of Bangladesh Madrasa Board of Education. Dakhil Exam Routine 2021 has been published for the exam on 23 September 2021.

When will Dakhil or SSC exam 2021 start?

All the Boards of Education in Bangladesh, controlling the secondary and higher secondary education system, have soon published the SSC Equivalent Examination dakhil Examination Routine 2021 on their website. Therefore, we have described the date and schedule of the 2021 Dakhil Examination in the education system of Bangladesh in this critical situation.

Important date and time of Dakhil Exam Routine 2021

Dakhil examination routine has been published through all the boards of education in Bangladesh. If you want to get the Dakhil exam routine quickly and easily then you can follow this page. And you can visit this page regularly.

See the table below for the exact schedule:

Dakhil Examination Routine 2021 Important Date and Timetable
01 Routine Published Date 23/09/2021
02 Examination Start Date 14/11/2021
03 Examination Deadline 21/11/2021
04 Dakhil Examination Routine 2021 Download Routine Download

Dahil Examination Routine 2021

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