Degree 3rd year Consolidated Result 2020

Degree 3rd-year results have published a few days ago. Students who have passed or failed any subject they have got their results. But Consolidated result did not get that time.

The National University of Bangladesh has published the Combine Results at 26/01/2020.

What is the Degree consolidated Result?

you know that the Degree program under the National University of Bangladesh is three years. such as.

Degree 1st-year result

Degree 2nd year result

Degree 3rd year result

Degree consolidated result 2020 (Consolidated Means All year of the degree result conbine )

Degree Consolidated Result formula

Degree 1st-year resultDegree 2nd-year resultDegree 3rd-year result = Degree Consolidated Result 

See the Degree consolidated Result reladed Notice 2020

Degree consolidated result
Degree consolidated result

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